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10 totally amazing tiny houses you can stay in


March 10, 2019

Join the tiny house movement, if only for a weekend, with these idyllic bushland escapes.

Wee Holiday Homes to Try

The Sunday Telegraph

March 09, 2019

The tiny house movement has gained momentum all over world as people look for more sustainable, simpler and affordable ways to live.

Braidwood has one of the world's coolest tiny home destinations

The Sydney Morning Herald

November 16, 2018

Braidwood has made the list of the top nine tiny home destinations in the world - up against other teeny tiny tourist homes in Alaska, California, Germany and France.

9 of the coolest tiny homes around the world to rent on your next vacation

Business Insider

November 11, 2018

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular around the world; their novelty makes for a unique vacation stay. We teamed up with HomeAway to find some of the coolest tiny-home rentals around the world.

Tiny house movement becoming a bigger player

The Fifth Estate

April 10, 2018

Big Tiny, Tiny Footprint, Tiny House2Go, Tiny Consulting, Tiny Go Lightly. The names are too cute to be true but according to Jan Stewart, cofounder of Tiny Non-profit, an advocacy group for tiny homes in Australia, there’s a small industry of tiny home builders springing up around Australia. (Event: Melbourne Knowledge Week 2018)

My SME Story Ep 2: Big Tiny

Business Times

February 11, 2019

In the second episode of My SME Story, we speak to Adrian Chia, co-founder of Big Tiny. Big Tiny is the first company in Singapore to integrate the concept of tiny houses with ecotourism.

Living with a Smaller Footprint

Temasek Holdings

January 03, 2019

From scenic views to sustainable features like solar panels and a water filtration system, these tiny homes have it all. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Temasek. This article is part of Generational Investing, an ongoing series featuring individuals and activities that create a better world for future generations, through creativity, innovation and sustainable practices.

Live Big in Tiny Houses with Big Tiny

Red Dot Best

November 15, 2018

Experience living big in tiny houses just the size of a shipping container with Big Tiny. Start-up company Big Tiny is the first in Singapore to pioneer in integrating tiny houses with eco-tourism.

Innovation 'is key for business success and needs right mindset'

Business Times

September 21, 2018

The 15 finalists of Emerging Enterprise Awards show that innovation is not limited to large or 'deep tech' firms, says minister.

Big dreams for tiny houses

Business Times

September 12, 2018

"Those of us who live in the city lead a hectic, digital lifestyle. Most of the time, all we want is a getaway," he said. He wanted to be the one to provide that getaway, so at first he considered buying land in Australia's rural countryside and building houses there to rent out.

体验本地首座Tiny house 移动度假屋推广低耗生活

Channel 8 News

June 26, 2018

现代人普遍想住大房子,越大代表越成功,但是在美洲、澳洲等地,有一种能够随车移动的迷你屋Tiny House,小巧而精致,也五脏俱全,很快就席卷当地,成为一股流行。今天的潮流解码就要带大家一起去看,这股刮到本地的迷你屋风潮究竟有何体验。

Big Tiny Offers Eco-Friendly Climate-Specific Houses On Wheels

Malaysia News Today

March 30, 2018

A company founded by three Singaporean entrepreneurs allows homebuyers to buy eco-friendly tiny houses on wheels and rent them out to tourists in scenic locations overseas. At least two groups of home­buyers have already jumped on the bandwagon, and expect to be renting their houses out in the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria soon.

Interview with Big Tiny’s Jeff Yeo on living small on the move

Buro 24/7

March 23, 2018

Let's be honest, living in Singapore comes with a hefty price tag. And with the increasing cost of travelling seeing no signs of stopping and the inevitable work stress, local startup Big Tiny may hold the ticket to our relaxation woes. Helmed by Jeff Yeo, Adrian Chia and Dave Ng, who go way back to their school and army days, the idea of living in a mini house/vehicle sparked when Chia, who used to work in the government sector, took a trip to a farm in Australia to recharge himself from the hustle and bustle of our highly populated country.

Down To Earth Heroes

The Business Times

March 22, 2018

As fathers with young children, Adrian Chia, Dave Ng and Jeff Yeo feel a pressing need to leave behind a planet that's safe for them to live in.

Singapore Design Week 2018: The City Ramble Design Trails

Home & Decor

March 10, 2018

As part of Singapore Design Week 2018, Design Trails are back and rebranded to be called The City Ramble Design Trails. Discover design-related stops all over Singapore, including the following:

Explore Design In Singapore Through Unique Trails & Attend Workshops This 10 & 11 Mar

Hype & Stuff

March 07, 2018

Those who are constantly on the hunt for beautifully-designed backdrops for your Insta, listen up! The City Ramble Design Trail will be back this year for its fifth instalment on 10 and 11 March 2018.

Eco-Friendly Features Are The Biggest Trend In Home And Design

Female Mag

February 20, 2018

More and more Singapore-based home and design companies are jumping on the bandwagon of making small, efficient houses with eco-friendly features.

Singapore Joins The Tiny House Movement With Big Tiny

Green is the New Black

February 14, 2018

Experience minimal living, reduce your carbon footprint and try eco travel with a stay in a Tiny Home. We sat down with the 3 founders, Adrian Chia, Dave Ng and Jeff Yeo to find out more.

Live interview with 黄淑君 on 95.8FM (SG radio station), 小城大事

Capital 95.8FM Broadcast

February 11, 2018

Join Big Tiny co founders, Adrian Chia, Dave Ng and Jeff Yeo, on 12 Feb (Mon) 7:30pm, with 黄淑君 on 95.8FM (SG radio station), 小城大事. We will be sharing more insights and fun experiences on 你做哪一行?

Singapore-based companies are going big on tiny houses

The Business Times

February 03, 2018

Singapore-based companies, including Big Tiny and POD Structures, are jumping on the bandwagon of making and selling small houses with eco-friendly features.

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